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  • EngTech1 ·
    So Far I'm sticking with Stock , I'm in Middle of Project - that is taking Me in another Direction at Moment ..
    When I get on these Projects I may be gone for Weeks or Months . .

    Every Turbo I have ever changed Air Improvements were just in Front of Turbo , but all those Turbo's were ( Not Already Machined ) or
    Semi Ported as the 10T's Turbo Unit is . . I'll most likely wait till someone starts doing Frankenstein Cartilage for the Stock Turbo ..
    Looking at Internal Wheels for more Top End Power . . ( Balancing of those Blades ) for Further Up ..

    I also Drive Conservatively most of the Time 88% anyhow .. LOL
    jsmith ·
    hey are you doing anything with your intake? i am thinking about the PRL which is relatively cheap under $150 for 18+ ponies. what do you think? it just smoothes the airflow and replaces the filter with a free flow version. i like it because the setup is basically stock but achieves a "stage 1" like tune.
    EngTech1 ·
    Welcome to All - Pretty Open about everything so just Fire Away . . with any Questions ..
    My Spelling is usually Bad , and I'm currently Operating with a Lame Keyboard some of the Keys are worn out . .
    LOL ..
    EngTech1 ·
    EngTech , Quality Assurance Inspector , Tech Support V , Builder , and It's All about the Details . .:angel:
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