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  1. Ktuner flash v2 vs. Hondata

    Turbo And Tuning
    Please ignore the post above. It's obviously the person is either a KTuner staff or just a 110% KTuner fan. Seems like you did your research at least and both Tunes are fine and provide nearly same output. Just be aware of KTuner jumping on forums and just crapping on Hondata. That's why they...
  2. Muffler / Resonator delete

    Intake And Exhaust
    Yeah, I wouldn't let the shop do that type of a job. I had it all way to the edge of the bumper with tips removed and had quad tip setup. But when I had it redone, I decided to move it out a little more instead of sitting flush to the bumper.
  3. Muffler / Resonator delete

    Intake And Exhaust
    Haven't have any good luck with muffler deletes with catless downpipe. Mine just drones the entire car around 2500-3000 when cruising on the highway. Drone vibrated my entire car all the way to the front dash. So I took it back to get some smaller aftermarket magnaflow mufflers put on. Sounds...
  4. Just installed Injen intake, prl catless downpipe and ktuner

    Turbo And Tuning
    Nice setup! I am glad everything worked out for you. The CEL is most likely because of the o2 sensor being relocated. It is fine. I believe there is an option to remove it on the KTuner, I would consult with them because I don't have one with the experience unless someone can chip in. Only...
  5. 2018 Accord 2.0 performance mods test

    Turbo And Tuning
    I can vouch for this! I have the same setup but used a low reading Dyno and got 285whp with Injen SRI and PRL catless DP. Crazy numbers with two bolt-ons and a custom tune.
  6. New Member, First time Honda Owner

    New Member Introductions
    It seems that they revised the issue on V3.1.8 on November 13. V3.1.6 was an update in September. You can check there change logs here: https://www.hondata.com/help/flashpro/ https://www.hondata.com/news/blogart75 Glad they were on top of it to get it resolved. I haven't seen anyone have a...
  7. PRL Downpipe

    Intake And Exhaust
    Results! Well got the results after a custom tune by DB Performance! Like to thank the guys over there for a great job! This is a whopping 20whp gain from my previous stage 3 dyno. Overall, differently worth the time! :grin:. I would definitely recommend this performance upgrade over anything...
  8. PRL Downpipe

    Intake And Exhaust
    No drone on WOT or with just 50% throttle. Hard to tell if there is any rasp or if any. Not sure about the clutch if they are the same as the FK8 though. They are slightly different part numbers though. I have never did this swap before but would be curious to see if someone who can confirm...
  9. Hondata for the 2018+ Accord 2.0T

    Turbo And Tuning
    Thanks, it's good to know from people who work directly with Honda to provide the correct information. The internet is mixed with Honda's modern ECU "flag" system similar to Audi/VW and my dealership stating this as well.
  10. Hondata for the 2018+ Accord 2.0T

    Turbo And Tuning
    ScottsMerkin, I asked my dealership and the head of service center. He said that if they really really wanted to. They can tell regardless if it was re flashed back to stock but he didn't tell me the process. And also I already know that they have to prove that the flash caused the issue. Many...
  11. Hondata for the 2018+ Accord 2.0T

    Turbo And Tuning
    Its a Flash Tune. Your warranty will be voided once you flash it once.
  12. Hondata for the 2018+ Accord 2.0T

    Turbo And Tuning
    Of course they are "real". I am saying they are basing a dyno based horsepower run and then saying there is a increase of 27 wheel horsepower(Different from bhp) but the whole dyno run is rated very high close to stock bhp. Hondata claims doesn't even state wheel horsepower at all and their...
  13. Hondata for the 2018+ Accord 2.0T

    Turbo And Tuning
    Not sure how KTuner gets 250whp with a stock dyno. That is really close to its base horsepower of 252. But with a stage 2 they claim it increases by 27whp. I believe they use Church Dyno at Innovative Motorsports to get these figures. If they claim 27whp but the Church Dyno reads base...
  14. Hondata for the 2018+ Accord 2.0T

    Turbo And Tuning
    Yes, I know they read much higher. If you check my other thread for dyno results with stage 3. It put out 231 whp stock and 265 whp with stg 3 on a Dyno Dynamics, which reads as low as a mustang dyno.
  15. Hud

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I don't have a Touring model but if I were you. I would contact your sales person to figure how he did it would be your best bet. Or you can take it to the Honda Dealership/Service and ask if they can further assist you on this.
  16. Stage 3 Dyno and Tune

    Turbo And Tuning
    Clutch is fine. I have been really pushing it a lot. I am surprised it can handle the stage 3 torque numbers. I even run time to time with scrambler mode on. Dynojets tends to read a lot higher than other Dynos. I have personally never used one but used Dyno Dynamics and Mustang dynos which read...
  17. 2.0T engine / stock: 87 vs 91+ octane performance difference

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Check out my thread. You can look at the Dyno sheet. I run only 93 ever since I got the car. I know it's not necessary to for 93 but the gas station close to me has it :) and a little more umph would be great. Made about 231whp with 93...
  18. PRL Downpipe

    Intake And Exhaust
    PRL Motorsports decided to make a downpipe for us 2018 Accord 2.0T variant (Hooray!). No info on the 1.5T yet. Pre-sale is up now and will start shipping in July of 2018. *Pre-Sale* 2018+ Honda Accord Sport 2.0T 3.5" Downpipe Going to save up for this one definitely. Like to thank...
  19. 2.0T Stock Boost Pressure?

    Turbo And Tuning
    Nope there is no option for that on the Manual sport version. You only get Eco Mode and can display gas/oil/audio/etc. with RPM gauge. That is it. No fancy turning red in sports mode unfortunately. I wish honda would at least provide a boost gauge for sports MT version though. :crying:
  20. Stage 3 Dyno and Tune

    Turbo And Tuning
    my AFRs are running around 14.5-14.8 around idle. As for boost, the stock TD03 can only handle the max 29 psi. Even pushing to 29 is really killing the turbos life hence why Hondata doesn't recommend running scramble mode (+9 psi) on too much. I also only run 93 octane :).
1-20 of 75 Results