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  1. What fuse turns on with ignition? 2016 accord lx

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    I have been trying to connect an amp i have to my accord , i have been using an add on fuse and trying to find out what fuse to use. No matter what fuse i do tap on to it stays on after i turn the car off and the subs start to buzz until i open the door or time runs out. Other fuses just turn on...
  2. 2016 Accord, V6 Touring. Rear seat heating issue.

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    This forum is for Accord 2018, but I think I can post my problem here. My 2016 V6 Touring Accord has issue with the rear, left side seat heater. It gets activated when ever someone sits on it. Activation butt is NOT ON but it still heats up the seat. Any suggestion is welcome. I thnk its a...