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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey y’all, just needed some more insight on the engine temps on the 2.0T. I have a 21 2.0 Sport and it’s about to reach 40k miles. It’s lightly modded and haven’t had a single issue until now. I was parked slightly on an downwards incline with the front end facing down and was parked waiting in...
  2. 2018+ Honda Accord Pictures
    Just bagged my 2021 Honda Accord sport on 3P airlift suspension I made a video on YouTube if you want to check it out JRod.Cuztom
  3. F020A7D0-C7F6-4E78-AE48-B4C8719A8F21.jpeg

    Painted front lip to match car
  4. 054ACE55-9AFD-4632-A4AD-E007C383228F.jpeg

    Fresh install v2 diffuser 3 taillights akasaka muffler tips
1-10 of 10 Results