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  1. Car Care And Detailing
    I wanted to clean my engine bay and looking for any advise on what is different than washing a regular non-hybrid engine bay. Thanks
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello, new here but wanted to know about others with the Accord 1.5 who have encountered the oil dilution problem. After purchasing my car in 2018 I noticed it had an occasional gas smell. I reported it to Honda and they said they did not find any issue. In this last year, my car started to...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Guys I am new to the forum and need your help. I drive a 2018 Accord 2.0 sport. During my journey from Toronto to Montreal, at the Quebec border there was a closure and had to drive through a detour through a small town. While being massively stuck in the traffic, car moving in less than 10kmph...
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I currently have a 2018 Accord Touring and I want to manual swap it and i was wondering if anyone has tried to do the swap or if the swap is even possible to do.
1-4 of 4 Results