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  1. 2018+ Honda Accord General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2022 Honda Accord EX-L (1.5t) and it has been getting poor gas mileage relative to others with the same vehicle/engine. With Driving in Drive with Eco Mode, the max mpg I have been able to achieve is about 21 mpg (with a light foot). I took it to the dealer and after running tests, they...
  2. 2018+ Honda Accord MPG & Fuel Economy Discussion
    I am quite amazed that with a light foot on the gas pedal and light traffic on roadways with a speed limit of 45 MPH, I get well over 40 MPG in my 2018 Honda Accord Touring sedan with the 1.5 L engine. I bought it new in January of 2019 at a bargain price of 27.5 K. I have about 32,500 miles...
1-2 of 2 Results