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  1. Turbo And Tuning
    I've seen a few CVT related posts, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I apologize in advance if I missed a forum with the answer. What's the HP/TQ limits of the CVT in the 2018 accord? I'd like to do some light modding, such as the usual intake/exhaust/tune, but I want to make sure...
  2. Turbo And Tuning
    Hi so I just picked up my new Honda Accord Sport and was wondering what is the compatibility when it comes to running ethanol on these cars? Is there a flex fuel kit that is made for them? Also what tuner should I go with? KTuner or Hondata. Which is more reliable and which makes more power...
  3. Turbo And Tuning
    Any of you guys that have a custom tune with Ktuner, what kinds of K. COUNTS do record under heavy acceleration? I was on the Ktuner forums and KTuner says the K. COUNTS are irrelevant, Incase I'm getting a extremely high number. ( I get around 5 to 15 if I'm in sport, with heavy acceration. And...
  4. Turbo And Tuning
    I have recently installed the innovate motorworks flex fuel kit and gauge into my 2019 accord sport 2.0t. I have a ktuner v2 and i have a stage 2 tune with flex fuel enabled. I was wondering if anybody else has gone beyond this and further pushed boost pressures beyond what stage 2 ktuner has on...
1-4 of 4 Results