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1.5/2.0 top engine torque mount

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Hi guys,

I'm currently an owner of the 2015 UK Civic type R. I'm discovering that a number of parts on the UK civic are being used on various (non-typeR) US models.

UK have ceased selling the Accord range so I'm coming to you for help on the 2018 model.
HASport sell a top torque mount CVUP? - 2018 Accord (CV) - Accord - Mounts that i believe will fit - it certainly looks like it'll do it based of pictures, but I'm unable to get any measurements to be 100% before i place an order.

Would anyone be able to measure the top engine torque mount for me? bolt diameters, bolt center-to-center and thickness of the sleeves that the bolts go through are the measurements I'm looking for.

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