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Academically speaking/speculating, besides a different bore and/and or stroke (i.e. larger pistons for the 2.0) I would imagine the throttle body and injectors are different as well. And then there's the ECU which has different programming for each engine. Exhaust down pipe is probably a different diameter. You mentioned the possibility of different turbos. I have no idea which items are "bigger" or "smaller" on either engine. And then there's the transmissions of course. The 1.5 got the CVT and 2.0 gives the 10sp "traditional" auto. (or 5sp where applicable)

Note: I'm just guessing at all the above.

I've read that even the 2.0 engines in the Civic Type R and Accords have differences like oil pans, cooling and other things besides turbo and ECU.

At the end of the day it may be a fun comparison for someone with time on their hands and a research/nerd brain. But that's all it would be I think. Trying to make a car what it isn't can be pretty costly and time intensive.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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