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yea mines been clunky for a while now. i find that i have to drive a certain way to reduce it. ill keep the slightest amount of throttle so it wont try to downshift on me or coast if i feel its downhill and itll maintain speed. i think it has to be a software issue, its downshifting way too aggressively, seems to only be an issue at low speed driving, though i do experience it on highway at times. what miles are you guys at? im at 24k miles on 2019 accord 2.0 10 speed. it almost feels like a race car that doesnt drive well at low speeds because when i start flooring it or accelerating, it shifts smoothly. seems to be worse the colder it is. i wonder if we will start seeing recalls soon..i feel like everybody reports something like this on the forums. in any case, it seems to perhaps just be a quirk of the car. it is annoying though, but i still got 2 years of the powertrain warranty so im gonna try to make it break before its up if there is indeed an issue lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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