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10th Gen 2020 Accord app installation

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Has anyone figured out to install a browser app on the 2020 Accord yet? I can load an apk to a USB Drive and the head unit sees it, but the install button is grayed out to move forward. Honda Hack is not available for the 10th Gen Accord yet.
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I've been hoping somebody has something on this so I can use the tunerview app and watch data from my ktuner that way. I loved having it on my civic.
Yes I want to be able to do that and also a startup vid when the car starts. But you watch, we are gonna get a bunch of posts about driving while watching tv lol
lol probably. I just want my live data thats all. I don't think its too much to ask for.
I emailed the developer and he claimed its not possible. There isnt a code for the Accord.
well thats a real downer for us lol that was the upside of the ktuner v1.2 for me, i could skip buying the v2 and save some cash. oh well...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts