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So I just replaced the battery in my 2019 2.0T, 6MT. Needed two jumps in two weeks (including 18 hours on a battery tender between the first and the second jump). I was surprised, given that:
1) the car was 3 years, 4 months old
2) at the 20k service, a month earlier, the battery tested good
3) because I don’t put in a lot of miles, I put the battery on a battery tender for at least 24 hours, twice a year.
4) the service writer suggested I was lucky to get 3 years out of it. What the heck??

What’s this group’s experience been? Have you replaced your battery? How many months of service before replacing? How many miles? What kind of driving patterns/what climate are you in? I’m in Florida; car gets out 3-4x per week… mostly short (15 minute) trips. Car is garaged at home.
My car is a 2019 2.0 and today my battery started smoking and smelling like sulfur. Has this happned to anyone else?
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