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'18 Accord Steering Wheel Off Center

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Hello, all...new to this forum...but reaching out for help. I noticed my Accord EX was pulling to the right when the steering wheel was held straight. So, I would also have to keep it slightly held to the left. I took it yesterday, and they told me that the alignment is fine, and that the steering wheel was off center. How does that happen on a new car? So, they apparently corrected it. Now, to me, its pulling the opposite...pulling to the left and I have to keep the steering wheel slightly to the right. Has anyone heard of this before? What happens if this is a consistent issue? ANy info would be greatly appreciated.
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If you're driving in a straight line and take your hands off the steering wheel, is it still pulling to one side? An off center steering wheel shouldn't affect handling, aside from how much you have to torque the wheel. Have you check your tire pressure? A lower inflated tire could also be resulting in a pull.
The tire pressure was checked, and all four tires were low. That was corrected, but this was noticed after tires were inflated properly. When holding the steering wheel straight, it was veering to the right. They fixed it and said the steering wheel was off center. Now, I noticed that when holding it straight, it veers to the left. So, maybe they didn't correct it properly? Who knows. I'm going to take it back again. Very disappointed.
Alignment will cure the pull and re centering the steering wheel.
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