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2.0 Intercooler Hard Piping

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I am getting a custom set up of hard piping made. The shop that has done all of my work to my accord is willing to make them for us if there is interest.

I know there was a group buy not too long ago and they went fast. I am bringing my car next week to start seeing what is needed so they can start the process.

I will keep you posted and will get picks soon as they are done.
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ME ME ME...I want some...yeah buddy!

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I will put you on the list, I know you wanted a set lol...
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As soon it's completed I will reach out. check-in for updates. Anyone who replies to this post will have an opportunity for a group buy.
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Just got finished this weekend along with an intake pipe similar to PRL's. I am in the process of testing now I will post some pictures soon but keep in mind this is not the finished product.

Also just installed a Type R Turbo.
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So here are some pictures as promised. This will not be the final fit and finish. Once we are done testing it.

I will release the final pictures and pricing. I'm glad some shops are willing to put the time in to help our needs for the 2018 and up Accord.

I have also added another test piece. They are working on for the accord intake pipe that fits on the accord stock TD03 turbo. PRL has one but it's for the type r set up. Not all of us have the Mod just yet.


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Hello all,
A number of you have inquired about the intercooler piping I currently have on my X Gen 2.0 Accord. In further discussions with Pro E-Shift, they have agreed to produce them for us. To make this happen the requirement will be as follows:
A 20 person group buy which will give you a special price of $600. After that, it will be $699. Once we have 20 people on the list will move forward with a 50% deposit. You can contact them directly to process your payment.
Direct message me I will keep a track of the first 20 people to sign up. I will post the list once it's full.
This will include all piping and couplers and brackets needed for the install.
You will need to remove your resonator box as this will be the space for the piping.
The factory piping at the intake will remain. I have not seen any reason to remove it, this will also keep the cost down.

Pictures were previously posted, minor tweaks will happen as this was a prototype set.
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