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Totally agree with the passenger seat height problem/lack of adjustment. Also have an '18 2.0 Touring and experience the same issue. Sliding the seat forward helps a bit with height issue as the seat elevation gets higher when positioned further forward but with the obvious compromise of being closer to the dash. Manufacturing a height "block" is challenging due to the seat mount attachment points. Not sure the wiring harness could accommodate any additional height. Honda definitely dropped the ball on passenger comfort. Even the driver's seat is not great.

A real disappointment coming from a former 2011 BMW M3 owner which had primo power seats seats for both the passenger and driver. Of course having $40K sitting on the passenger seat lessens the disappointment between the 2 cars.

If anybody comes up with a quality fix besides a seat cushion I'm definitely agreeable to spending some cash. Even a few hundred dollars isn't much especially when factored over several years of comfort.
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