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Hi, I saw in a post on for an older Accord that you could go into the “developer” mode And turn off the DSP to greatly improve the audio - see below. Has anyone done this on a 20018 accoutrements Touring or higher?

From a 2013 post .......,

but even before doing that, since you have the Touring and I do too, I was able to improve by 100x the sound quality going in the developper menu and setting the DSP to Flat ON.

Press Nav + Menu + Back 3 seconds
The 2 screens will display debug menus you should not have access normally
Press return on the touch screen one (you don't need it)
Press Menu for 3 seconds
You will be in the developer menu
Scroll down to DSP/AMP settings
Scroll to 'Flat' set it to 'On'

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I have a 2019 Accord Sport 1.5, and I was going to attempt to do this today. Only thing is that my accord does not have a Nav button like you mentioned in the first step. Is the Nav button only found on the 2.0? Is there a different way to do this on the 1.5? Appreciate the response in advance.
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