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2018 Accord Sport 1.5t Still Night Blue

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Hey all! Im from Akron Ohio and new to Honda (loving it so far). Thanks for letting me join!! Question for all the Sport manual owners. Since we don't have a sport button like the automatic and CVT owners, how do you or can you get the boost gauge to show on the Tachometer like they have?? Really want that feature showing.
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Sport mode

What about the tighter sport steering in MT models? Do they not have that as well? I really wish the sport steering could be enabled by itself because it makes the car feel less like a go-kart. I'd leave it in sport mode but driving 30mph at 2500rpm is a bit annoying. Normal mode steering reminds me of 80's era power steering where you could do a three point turn with your pinky finger. It really cheapens the feel of the car.
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