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2018 Accord winterization

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Hey everybody,

Are there any people who are in super cold climates? Im moving to Alaska and I’ve got a 2018 accord. I know I’ll have to get an engine heater but should I be getting anything else?
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I live in MN. I have a 2018 1.5t. Car is parked in a garage when at home. Aside from some winter tires, I've never needed anything else to get through winter.
i believe you need a 60/40 mix of antifreeze/water vs the 50/50 thats usually in there, so make sure your coolant is setup for the super cold climate. i think there are tools you can use that tell you the freezing point your coolant can go to. not sure if you need a thinner engine oil, the 0w20 is probably ok but look into that as well
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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