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Purchased used 05/2019 from Honda dealership w/18K miles. Currently 48K miles (highway/commuting)

09/12/19: All warning lights on dash board came on - took it to the dealer, they cleaned the sensor, said it's sensitive. They happened to check the oil, 60% life left but 1 quart high. They changed the oil but didn't say what caused the increased level.
2019-2020: All maintenance performed at Honda dealership, no known issues
11/13/20: All warning lights + check engine light came on - took it to the dealer, due for an oil change. Paperwork shows "lots of gasoline in the oil". Codes P0172 (fuel system too rich) and P219E (#3 cylinder air fuel ratio variation). Dealer said I need new fuel injectors for $1500 but as a last resort, I can try a fuel injector cleaning service. Decided to try it. Left the dealer with no warning lights/check engine light.
11/14/20: Driving on the highway at 70 mph, check engine light flashes and vehicle stops accelerating. Immediately pull over. Get home safely, slowly.
11/15/20: Call the dealer, tell them what happened, "guess you need to come in for the fuel injectors".
11/17/20: Check the mass air flow sensor, clean it up a bit, clear codes.
11/18/20: Drive to work, vehicle is running like new. Leave work in the afternoon, check engine light back on. Go directly to the dealership. Request full diagnostics to eliminate sensors/ECM issues. Dealer keeps the vehicle to run diagnostics.
11/20/20: Dealer calls and says they've run all the diagnostics and the fuel injectors need to be replaced. I request copies of diagnostic reports. In addition to the previous stored codes, the following codes are present: U0401-68 PCM PGM-Fi System Malfunction, U0416-68 VSA Brake Actuator Malfunction,

Can't get the dealer to address or diagnose the oil dilution issue. Not sure I have any other option than to replace the fuel injectors which are only covered up to 36,000 miles and not 60,000. I looked for oil dilution/fuel injector issues all over the internet and couldn't find a lot associated with the Accord but did find a lot for the 1.5T Civic and CR-V. The 2016-2018 Earth Dream engine seems to be having Accord issues as well, with less frequency as the Civic and CR-V. Being told direct injection with not so great gas can increase carbon build up and lead to fuel injectors going bad. Not really sure what to think at this point because I don't feel like anyone has done the troubleshooting/root cause analysis that gives me confidence that this repair will resolve all issues.

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Have you contacted Honda Customer Service or asked the dealer when their factory rep will be there so you can talk to them? Below is the contact information for customer service....

Honda Automobile Customer Service, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Honda Automobile Customer Service
Mail Stop 100-5E-8A
1919 Torrance Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90501-2746


Monday - Friday
0600 - 1700
Pacific Time

Contact them and open a claim.
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