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With new 10th Gen 2018 Honda Accords purchases and deposits being made, it would be helpful for potential buyers to share the best price they got.

Please use the guideline listed below.

  • 1. Your city or region and/or dealer location
  • 2. Trim level purchased and identification of options/accessories purchased (AWD? SE? Touring? Trailer hitch? Etc.)
  • 3. Your price paid
  • 4. Sticker price (MSRP) (or discount you received from MSRP) including the options/accessories included in your price paid
  • 5. Invoice price comparison (if you know it)
  • 6. Any other details that you think would be useful to others, such as doc. fees paid and dealer experiences/recommendations.

Out-the-Door (OTD) price has little-to-no meaning to others reading here, especially without the context of taxes and accessories.

**Example / Actual prices may vary

Toledo, Ohio
2018 Accord SE Msrp $38165.00
Saving $2000.00
Sales price $36165.00
dealer fee $449.00
Taxable amount $36614.00 X 6.25%
Sales tax $2288.37
Reg, title, new plates $170.00 if you transfer plates it will be less $35.00
out the door price $39072.37
Pictures or invoices are welcome!

Hope this helps :)

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Mind as well put mine up. I think I got a OK deal. But should just give you guys an idea.

St Paul, Minnesota @ Buerkle Honda
2018 Honda Accord Sport White 2.0L Turbo with 6 speed manual
MSRP: $30900
Sales Tax: $1683.60
Total License and Fees: $470.75
Trade-In: $5000
Down payment: $2200
GAP Insurance: $800
Extended Service Contract: $1350.00
OTD Price: $28103.25

72 months @ 3.5%

Paying $418 per month

Could've been $385 per month without GAP and Service Contract.
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Sanford, North Carolina
2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T Manual Transmission
No Dealer Installed Options
Crystal Black Pearl
No Financing (Cash)
No Trade
MSRP: $31,200.00

Selling Price: $28,214.62
Taxes: $863.38
License: $36.00
Title: $52.00
Registration: $59.00
Doc Fee: $598.00
Total Price OTD: $29,824.00

Very pleased with the purchasing experience at Sanford Honda. I sent identical offers to buy immediately to the three dealerships nearby with a black Sport 2.0T/MT6 in stock. These guys had the low bid OTD by about $200. (As such, I couldn't really fight them on the doc fee.) Guys were friendly, professional, no attempts at an upsell on warranty or otherwise. I was in and out in less than 90 minutes.
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Orange County, CA

2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T Manual Transmission
White Exterior / Black Interior
No Dealer Installed Options

Sticker Price $31,200
Price After Negotiations $27,395
Sales Tax 8% $2,129
AVRS Fee $29
Registration Fee $400
Documentation Fee $80
Total $30,033
Down Payment ($4,250)
After Down Payment $25,783
APR 3.46%
Months 72
Interest Cost $3,034
Total Loan $25,783
Monthly Payment $398
Total Vehicle Cost $33,067

Options Ordered (Cash)
Door Visors OEM Honda 08R04-TVA-100 $124
All-Season Floor Mats OEM Honda 08P17-TVA-100 $107
Trunk Tray OEM Honda 08U45-TVA-100 $103
Cargo Net OEM Honda 08L96-TVA-100 $35
Interior Illumination White OEM Honda 08E10-TVA-100 $85
Door Sill Trim-Illuminated OEM Honda 08E12-TVA-110A $196
Door Sill - Lower OEM Honda 08F05-TVA-100 $70
Puddle Light OEM Honda 08V27-TVA-100 $124
Splash Guards OEM Honda 08P00-TVA-100 $66
First Aid Kit OEM Honda 08865-FAK-100 $21
Type R Engine Cover OEM Honda 12500-5BF-A01 $83
Bolt B Plug Hole Coil Covers x5 OEM Honda 90014-R40-A00 $2
Type R Red Leather Shift Knob OEM Honda 08U92-TEA-110 $170
Window Tint 5% 3M N/A $450
Sun Shade CoverCraft UV11546SV $62
Front Red H 136mm x 111mm OEM Honda 75700-SLJ-003 $30
Rear Red H 108mm x 90mm OEM Honda 75700-SYY-003 $30
Steering Wheel Red H 50mm x 40mm J's Racing $20
12 Piece Xenon White SMD LED LED Kit $13
Short USB iPhone Baseus $7
Front & Rear Carbon Frames Seibon $40

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Stockton, Calif (northern central Calif)

2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T, 10 speed auto
Dealer installed OEM mud flaps, trunk rubber tray and wheel locks ($650 msrp, sold at $390)
White Pearl exterior, Ivory Leather interior
MSRP: $36,690
Dealer discounted $5245 off MSRP, sell was $31,445
CA tax was $2561, CA DMV was $538, dealer options at discount was $390.
Total price was $34,934 out-the-door
No Trade
Paid $8000 cash down payment
Financed $26,934 at 2.9% (Honda corporate offering) for 60 months.
Monthly payments $483

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Stockton, CA @StocktonHonda

2018 Honda Accord Sport 1.5T, 6 speed Manual Transmission, Crystal Black Metallic (Exterior) Black (Interior)

Sticker Price: $26,670
Other options I purchased are Auto Butler ($695.00), Wise Care ($995.00) for an example if I get any rock chips or cracks on the Front Windshield they will repair it & any dents on the exterior they will repair it, TireWise Tire & Wheel ($450.00) If I get any chipped or scratched wheels they will repair it.

Down Payment $1,000.00
Lease Term for 36 Months 5% APR
Monthly Payments of $480.00
Total $28,810 before Taxes. Out the door $30,000

Dealer installed Wheel Locks, Mud Flaps, Trunk Mat at no charge.
I'm going to say I got an ok deal I'm not to sure if I'm going to purchase the car at the end of the Lease Term or trade it in for another accord hopefully I come across another 6 speed Manual but in Silver maybe the 1.5t Sport or the 2.0T Sport.

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Heritage Honda, Bel Air, Maryland
2018 Accord Touring 2.0T 10spd Auto trans
Modern Steel Metallic / Gray leather interior
MSRP $36695 incl. freight

No trade in (we kept the other car (a 2011 Toyota 4Runner trail edition) for specialty use and hope to keep it 20+ more years)
DIO: chrome sport grille, chrome front fender badges, trunklid spoiler, rear bumper applique, splash guards, wheel locks, footwell illumination, illuminated door sill trim, center rear console USB charging ports, all season floor mats, carpet trunk mat.

Adjusted price "out the door": $34218.55
Dealer document prep: $299
MD title and tag: $120
State excise tax: $2071.06
Extended total coverage service agreement 8 years / 120,000 miles: $2713

- $500 "down payment" by Honda for military service appreciation

Honda loan $39080.61 at 2.90% for 60 months; $701.34/month.

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Los Angeles, California
Honda of Hollywood

2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T, 10 speed auto
Dealer installed parts: None
White Pearl exterior, Black Cloth/Leather interior
MSRP: $31,200
Sell was $27,885
Total price was $31,000 out-the-door
No Trade
Paid $6000 down payment
Financed 2.9% (Honda corporate offering) for 60 months.
Monthly payments $448

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Here's a helpful link. Car Buying Strategies. During the July Summer Sale, I got my 2.0T at $250 below dealer cost. I had a $900 lower offer but they wanted $500 less for my trade and added $300 for etching and wheel locks. After taxes my net was lower and I found that wheel locks (never cared for them) were included anyway. I got a Honda 6/60/0 ded extended from Saccucci which the dealers won't sell you unless you go looking for it. They usually sell aftermarket which is inferior and non-refundable (and therefore a moneymaker). I plugged the price and trade numbers into a little spreadsheet calculator and it spits out the out-the-door price. It's amazing that none of the dealerships would give me an out the door price over email. It helps to be prepared!

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There are Several Taxes on Sales in TN , which Added Up to $1940.00
They all have Crazy Fee's - which some will Wave and Other won't - might want to just Move On ..in that Area of Disagreement .. to another Dealer . .

They all apply Big Paint Protection - BS - and Other Scams - as Far as I care as most of the Time - None of those Items Have Been Done !
Make them Show You the Products they Used and Ask for the Warranty on those Products , etc and get Right Up there little Pooper about that Crap
as it can Add up to $1700.00 Bucks and Not even Include Weather Mats , HAA !

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Autofair Honda
Manchester NH

2018 Honda Accord EX-L 2.0T, 10 speed auto, White Pearl
Dealer options: $167.50
MSRP: $32,860
Dealer Fee: $549
Price: $29,276
Title: $27
No sales tax in NH
'Out the door': $30,019.50

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NH - Guy --- Great Deal , I had to Unload a Damaged VW so I only got an OK Deal and I should have shopped other Honda Dealers .. Dealer in Our Area all Load them up with Add On's I saw 1.5T on the Lots going for that much . .

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I think it would also be helpful to see what everyone is paying for insurance monthly (with age, deductible, company, if you have a family plan etc) since it's often an after thought. :)
There are too many variables when quoting auto insurance. It is always best to seek out competitive quotes for your area and coverage needs. There is no one size fits all. Insurance company’s customer service is always important if a claim is filed.

I recently requoted my auto insurance after making at least six inquiries. I was able to reduce my premium cost buy $300 per year with identical coverages. The coverage is with a national auto insurance company with a good reputation in my area for service when needed.
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