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2018 Honda Accord Redesign

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Torque News delves into the new 2018 Honda Accord's redesign and makes note of even the smallest feature like its climate controls that glows white at night, which will quickly flash to red or blue depending on your selection.

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I bet if it wasn't for Acura not doing so well we wouldn't be getting an Accord that's Acura-like if you know what I mean. who knows, maybe we'll see some future Acura sedan that builds on the Accord.
Doubt Acura will be getting models based on the Accord, but it's good for Honda fans when they can get a taste of what's in a premium car for a not so premium price tag. Hopefully they'll keep giving us a nice list of standard equipment so we don't have to add every little thing.
Well they did get rid of the TL and its replacement hasn't been doing too well so if we are to see a new TL odds are it will be based off the Accord. As time goes on we might see more of this come to light, but for now its just my thought on what could happen.
Honda's overhaul of the Accord paird off because Consumer Reports says it's one of their top-rated midsized sedans. That's a publication people go to when looking for a new car and could do wonders for model sales.
The adjustable display behind the steering wheel and standard advanced safety features probably won them over.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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