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Hello, new here but wanted to know about others with the Accord 1.5 who have encountered the oil dilution problem. After purchasing my car in 2018 I noticed it had an occasional gas smell. I reported it to Honda and they said they did not find any issue. In this last year, my car started to shake and rumble on starting and had a couple incidents of stalling or power loss. Car would not go over 40 km/h and once shut down on the highway. Each time at the dealer they said they couldn't find the problem but replaced fuel injectors and spark plugs and did a software update. Then my air-conditioning would not work while idling and car started to over heat also during idling and low speeds. I was getting warnings to shut down car immediately. Dealer has now acknowledged that I have the gas in the oil dilution issue. They will replace the cylinder head gasket. Parts are on back order. I don't believe this will fix the problem in the long term and have lost trust in this vehicle. It seems they have hidden the problems with Accord since they only acknowledged Civic and CRV in class action suits. Anyone have this issue have any luck with compensation or other to resolve?
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