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2018 sport infotainment issue

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What’s up y’all, new on the forum here but desperate for help so I’m sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section and if anyone could direct me in the correct direction that’d be cool. But anyway my problem..

I have a 2018 Accord sport 1.5 and all of a sudden the screen goes black one day. No audio, no back up camera, my TPMS light is on and I can’t even calibrate/reset because the screen is black. Even when you use the left side of the steering wheel to navigate to the audio, it goes blank on the dashboard. I take it into the dealership and sit in there for 6 hours and they took it apart tried to plug it back in and whatever else they tried to do I don’t know. Didn’t ask for details. They couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem, so the service guy says they’ll order a new “head unit” for my car which is still under warranty so everything will be free. 3 weeks goes by and I don’t hear from Honda. I give them a call and they give me the run around and guy says the part is on back order and as soon as they hear something they’ll let me know. Fast forward another 3 weeks, I decide to go in instead of calling. basically the guy says he doesn’t know and that he’ll figure it out and took my number down said he’d call later in the evening or the next morning and i never heard from him and I tried calling and left a voicemail for him and nothing. Sooo I’m wondering if any of you guys have had the black screen issue and how did you get it fixed?
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