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Hi All,
I'm still not loving my drivers seat comfort after a year or so, especially on 2-3 hour drives. I don't fit well in the driver seat at 6' and 260 lbs, big bones. Sitting on the bolsters mostly and the back bolsters are stabbing me in the back mostly, not the sides.

But one thing I am looking for advice is the lumbar control in this specific vehicle. Manual says the lumbar control, which is motorized, is in all 4 directions. East and West to move the lumbar into your back and away from your back. It works fine, very responsive, in just a second or two. Very easily noticeable.

However, the manual says it is also motorized in the North-South direction. I have tried the 4-way control and I cannot feel anything in the North-South direction, even if holding it for 30 seconds. In the East-West direction, it is instantaneous. Not so in the North-South Direction. I cannot feel it move at all and this may be what I need to make the seat more comfortable.

Can any of you who have the 2018 Touring 2.0 comment about this as it may be different in the Sport or other models. Can you feel immediate movement in the lumbar in the North-South direction? Or is my broken?

Thx DD
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