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So I decided to start a new thread with the mods I already did and some future ones to come. I'h had mine now for a few months and started to buy a few things (waiting for parts to be released).
Maybe one of the mods can transfer over my post already with everything I've done with the pics.

Current list of mods:
Lasfit LED high beams
LED Reverse bulbs
LED turn signal bulbs with built in resistors (super bright)
20% window tint with front windshield strip
Removed rear Badges (accord, sport, 2.0)
Full wax/claybar exterior
CTR '18 Shift knob
LED interior light bulbs
Husky Floor liners

Waiting to get installed:
Acuity Short Throw Adapter
Acuity Shift Boot Collar in black
Acuity Shift Linkage Bushings
Acuity Shifter Centering Spring
Acuity Accelerator Pedal Relocation Bracket
Front/Rear red H emblems
Front black grille with black chrome insert (possibly wrapping the insert with black vinyl)
PRL Stage 1 Intake

Future plans:
Hondata Stage 2 tune
PRL Downpipe
Black overlay Chrome window trim delete

Waiting for parts to be released:
Talked to PRL about the frontpipe and intercooler
Acuity Shifter base bushings and shifter rocker upgrade (eta Nov)
AirLift Performance suspension

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Well I've been waiting for a few weeks now to get my shifter parts installed but still had to wait on Acuity to release the rocker and shifter base bushings since I didn't want to tear the console apart and then do it again once the parts came in. I messaged Russell at Acuity, btw great guy to deal with, about an update with the parts and he rushed out the new parts for me!! Really excited!
So I got all the parts installed and WOW, what a Huge Difference. If you like the way the Type R feels then you should def do the upgrades. Its tighter, more responsive and quicker shifts!


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