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My car went limp mod on a freeway about a month ago. Turned out to be cylinder no. 4 internal was severely damaged and had 0 psi compression.

Honda of Los Angeles replaced engine block and head with gaskets.

Ever since then, there is no reverse gear lockout. I can move the shifter pass the 5th and 6th gate to reverse gate and ends up grind if I want to shift from 5th to 6th.
Finding the 5th gear gate is also difficult due to shifter can move far right where there is no forward gear.

I returned my car back to the dealer where engine block replacement performed, and as everyone expected, they do not even know what reverse gear lockout mechanism is. I went to 3 different dealers around LA area, all I could hear is "Normal, found it is how it supposed to shift gear". I even demonstrated grinding try to put into reverse and back up cam was on for a moment when doing 50 mph, no luck to convince them.

I removed battery tray, air intake box in order to check any wiring harness unplugged from the solenoid, and shifter cable bushings, etc.
No sign of disconnection or loose connections.

Does anyone have any advice what to do?
I am contacting Honda Head Quarter in Torrance, CA tomorrow to open a case on this.

Thank you for reading.






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Have you gotten your issue resolved? Odd that dealers would say this was "normal" when the manual states otherwise.... I would have asked them to show me it was normal on another 6MT on the lot.

BTW... nice looking ride. (y)

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Thanks guys for information. I gave up visiting dealer to dealer and trying to make them understand about the situation.
One dealer service dept. Mgr told me honestly that most of dealers won't have experience servicing 2.0T with 6MT since it's quite rare.

Driving without reverse lockout is still annoying especially from 4th to 5th. I am keep hitting the empty slot right above reverse gear.

Well, since I am grounded in CA for Covid19, I am gonna try repair when safer at home order is lifted.

Thank you
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