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Greetings all. I decided to purchase a 2019 Obsidian Blue Accord due the vehicle itself and price/budget. By God's grace, ended up getting a brand new one for $22,500 out the door with a lifetime powertrain warranty.
So far, I've added ceramic tints, rubber oem mats and trunk liner, and touring wheels.
Mods: Ktuner stage 1 ( testing the waters)
PRL drop in filter
Thermo Dynamics catback
PRL catted downpipe
CAI ( still debating)
I'm open to your feedback, sales and comments. If you have any questions, e
please feel free to inquire. God bless you. All the way from central Florida..


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Congrats on your Accord purchase and welcome to the forum... glad to have you join us. (y)
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