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Hi Everyone!! I recently purchased a new 2019 HAS in July of this year. First time Honda owner and I absolutely love it.
My only complaint is.....the brake sensor braking for no reason. Has anyone else experienced this?
I also will like to get it programmed for the auto start. Has anyone else had this done? If yes, did you experience any problems.

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Welcome to the forum glad to have you join us.

Regarding your questions....

Brake Sensor Warning... yes, it has been documented (and I have experienced) the random warnings for no reason at all. Mine have gone off while at a stop w/vehicles around me but none close enough for the warning to activate. Some say/think that it may be related to sensors in other vehicles causing feedback/interference setting them off. Try to take notice of the make of the vehicle(s) around you when this happens and see if it happens more w/one make of vehicle over another. Discussion of that issue can be viewed in this thread - Parking Sensor Issues

Auto Start - This can be done if you don't have the manual transmission. See thread below...

1.5t Remote Start Hack
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