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2019 LX driving in Sport gear

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Silly question but I have a 2019 Accord lx. Up until recently I didn't touch the sport gear but only drove it drive with the econ on.
My question is this. Can I shift into Sport at any speed? Currently I will slow down to 10mph before I put it in Sport mode.
My car tops out at 120 mph but the speedo says 160 mph. Has anyone gone over 120? Thanks for the great forum.
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Generally speaking, I typically switch to sport when I see a windy portion of road ahead....about 35–40 mph. Sport is too aggressive for me in daily driving, and I’ve had no problems.

Try this...get up to 30mph on flat ground and hold the gas pedal steady while in eco mode for a few seconds at least, then don nothing other than switch into sport. Your car will break the sound barrier and negate every rolling race ever won by an SRT4.

I drive in normal mode 85% of the time. Never use Eco, but I’ve gotten over 41mpg multiple times on my 2.0T Sport. Eco only really helps if the climate control is on. Otherwise it just changes the throttle mapping to make it feel like a 1.0T

Top speed may be in km per hour which is right around 120ish.

However, aftermarket tuned cars with just a downpipe will make that 160mph a reality. I haven’t done it in my stock Accord, but did so in my 2015 VW GTi 2.0t. I had gotten that Vw up to 163 and 166. It would hit 100mph in well under 11 seconds and kept on pulling good until about 145 with a similar engine setup displacement and turbo size wise.

The Accord does weigh 200 lbs more, but weight has relatively very little effect on top speed. The problem is finding enough straight track or closed road to do so. Just a slight curve FEELS iffy at that speed unless you’re used to it. And at that speed there’s no guarantees on straight track. A tire blowout could mean your life at those speeds. It’s dangerous, and you really start to feel the speed at about 150.

Be safe, and enjoy.
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Sport is only good to me in the twisty sections of roadway. Have some fun with this 2.0t...

Also, I like to use sport on the highway and shift my own gears...that way I get the tighter steering. If I had a 6mt it would probably always be in sport. However, I live in Philly and it just holds revs too long and is annoying stop sign to stop sign.

At least this sport actually does something. My 2016 Maxima only felt like it tightened the steering up artificially.

I like how VW does it. You can customize and have tightened up steering without the car feeling like a cat about to pounce on something.

Also, this time of year I try not going past 2500rpm until the car is warmed up, staying off turbo. In the summer I don’t worry as much because at 90* it’s really not a cold start and warms up to temp fairly quick.
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