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2019 LX driving in Sport gear

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Silly question but I have a 2019 Accord lx. Up until recently I didn't touch the sport gear but only drove it drive with the econ on.
My question is this. Can I shift into Sport at any speed? Currently I will slow down to 10mph before I put it in Sport mode.
My car tops out at 120 mph but the speedo says 160 mph. Has anyone gone over 120? Thanks for the great forum.
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you can switch between Sport and Drive with no restrictions. I do that all the time.
when you switch to Sport , transmission lets you reach higher RPM's before switching to higher gears.
Coming to top speed max: 116 -121 miles/hr is what i observed based on road conditions.

2018 Accord LX
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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