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Hello All,

I am a new member who recently purchased a 2019 Honda Accord 1.5L Sport. One of the more sensory appealing features was the HondaLink Display when the vehicle door was opened. The HondaLink Display on the large LCD Screen would initialize, along with a brief Audio Sequence (some type of digital tune). The smaller display above the steering wheel also initialized during this sequence. Notice how I refer to this is the past tense?

We returned to the local Honda “Service” Department to have a remote start key programmed and somehow during the process, the HondaLink Initial Display became disabled. To the best of our knowledge the initial Visual and Audible Display Sequence are all that was affected but; I’m not sure. We’ve returned to the so-called “Service” Department twice and been told that there is no such feature and we either imagined it or we are lying. At this point, all confidence has been lost in COMMONWEALTH HONDA in Lawrence, MA and we’re unsure if they may have compromised any other functions.

Has anyone on the Forum experienced a similar loss of this feature? Can anyone help by confirming its existence in their personal vehicle? If so, a video clip would be extremely helpful.

Thanks very much in advance,

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Welcome to the site glad to have you... hopefully your technical question can be answered in your previous thread - HondaLink Display... no need to create duplicate thread for questions. Thanks.
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