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Hello everyone. I picked up the car in april and love being back in a manual . i finished my cosmetic mods and chrome removal this weekend
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completed work:
window tint- 20% ceramic
vinyl wrap( roof and fin, spoiler, window trim, wheels)
debadged( accord, sport, 2.0T)
smoke taillight overlays
rear diffuser
front grille cover
front lip and trim
black honda emblems and wheel caps
replaced stock side sills with a set in black
homemade type R style valve cover

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You're welcome... congrats on baby number two... as for performance upgrades I have enjoyed my car in stock form so far. May do performance upgrades in the future after I hear/confirm how Honda treats those upgrades as it pertains to their warranty. With this being a new generation I want to make sure all the "bugs" are worked out before I give them (Honda) a reason to deny any warranty claims. :unsure:

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Looks good. Have the same ca, man what fun. Really like those side sills in black.
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