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2019 touring bumper issues.

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I was hoping someone could help. I had some body work after hitting my garage door. Where the bumper and fender meets isn't flush. Anyone with experience think this can be fixed?


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You should take it back to body shop that did the work and have them fix/realign the gaps. If done right and the tech/shop is proud of their work then they would want the car to look like it never was damaged.
The second time there was no physical damage to the car. I don't know if that gap was like that prior to the second collision
More than likely there was damage done on second collision... damage could be as simple as a clip/connector popped loose or something underneath the bumper is bent. With the bumpers being plastic they will give some under impact and the damage could be underneath it and not visible.

If you're interested in taking the bumper off and look for damage this thread may be of help in how to disassemble it -Installing Optional Front Grille.
Sweet. Kind of what I was thinking. Most likely a simple fix? I'm pretty handy.
Good luck. Let us know what you find and if you're able to get it corrected.
@smallsmx3 any updates on getting your bumper corrected?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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