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I've done my research and read the issues with the 2018 Accord not meeting the Honda brand expected standard ex: (1) rattling in the front dashboard (2) problems with the electronic display (3) overall poor craftmanship (4) sitting low and obstructing front view (5) weak sound system etc...
HaitiG experience:
As a previous 2006 Honda Accord owner that my sister now drives as her primary vehicle, I am not disappointed in my purchase. With a heavy foot, I'm getting 32 mpg. I have yet to experience any rattle and haven't had any issues with the electronics since I deleted the Honda link app since it never could connect to my car and disrupted my phone connecting to Android Auto through the USB 1 slot. I have 0 complaints about craftmanship. Judging the front end proximity to objects is a challenge without parking assist. I thought the radio was weak until I realized under sound>bass/treble there was a subwoofer button that I turned up.
Since owning the car, I have yet to take it out of ECO or dropped it into sport mode because I've been happily surprised at how much acceleration power it has without either.
I find reasons to drive the car outside of my daily commute. 800 miles in Honda has over delivered on my expectations.
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