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2020 Accord Sport 2.0t 10AT Modern Steel

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Just started my build 2 months ago. I thought I'd share my current progress.

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Automotive parking light

Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Car

Vehicle registration plate Automotive tail & brake light Tire Grille Automotive lighting

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Automotive tire

Current Mods:

MHI Stage 2 Type R Turbo
AEM 30-3300 Water meth injection
PRL Charge Pipes
Upgraded Fuel line
Deatschwerks 340LPH Fuel Pump
Ktuner Stage V2
PRL HVI v2 Intake
Flex Fuel Kit
Front Lip
Side Skirts
LED Rear Bumper Reflectors
PRL FK8 Catless Downpipe
PLM Front Pipe
Mishimoto black FMIC
Mishimoto black Catch Can
H&R Sport Springs
V2 Led Taillights
JDM V2 High kick Spoiler
Full Chrome delete
Hasport 62a Upper and Lower Mounts
Black OEM Emblems / Accord Badge
Rear Window Louvers
Two-tone Katzskin Leather
Yofer V2 Rear Diffuser
IMW Tune
Oakman Designs Vinyl
Hood Struts
LED Interior Lighting
Muffler and Resonator Delete w/quad tips
3" Turbo-back Custom Exhaust
Upgraded drilled /slotted rotors
Carbon-ceramic Pads
Oakman Designs Calipers
19x9.5 Lightweight Aodhan AFF7 Wheels
P255/35r19 Continental Extreme DWS06+
Progressive Rear Sway Bar

Planned / Already Purchased Mods:

Race coil-overs
Big Throttle Body
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Yes it is! Very nice.

I've been on the fence regarding the window visors. Can anyone recommend the best ones to get?

I've reached out to D-Rob at IMW and I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on a Pro Tune next.
Looks good so far. I think I am also gonna black my wheels out to see if it goes with red the way I want before purchasing an aftermarket set. The rear 1/4 louvers got to go. Never understood why people like them. They look to cheap and out of place with keeping a clean theme. Just my opinion. Keep posting updates.
(Updated pictures after clay bar and wax)


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Updated pictures!


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Highlights look good! We have a plate color scheme that would look great on your car!

Vehicle registration plate Automotive exterior Font Gas Rectangle
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Aww. Our plates are all ugly here lol.
Updated photo.


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Sweet! Hey, what rear spoiler is that (from where, how much $)?
It's the JDM v2 High Kick Spoiler. You can find them on Ebay for around $150 - $200
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