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2020 Accord Sport 2.0t
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Just started my build 2 months ago. I thought I'd share my current progress.

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Automotive parking light

Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Car

Vehicle registration plate Automotive tail & brake light Tire Grille Automotive lighting

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Automotive tire

Current Mods:

Ktuner Stage 2
H&R Sport Springs
V2 Led Taillights
JDM V2 High kick Spoiler
Chrome delete
Hasport upper torque mount
Painted Exhaust Covers
Black OEM Emblems / Accord Badges
Rear 1/4 glass window louvers

Planned / Already Purchased Mods:

Flex Fuel Kit
Stage 4 Phearable
Front Lip
LED Rear Bumper Reflectors
RV6 catted Downpipe

Im still undecided on the window louvers. Thoughts or critiques on the build so far?
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