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2020 Accord: Which Switched Interior Fuse Location?

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I am fitting a fuse tap to provide power to a dash cam. I do not require a battery "tap" for parking applications, and I want the camera device switched to power up only on "ACC" or while driving.

I already know that fuse 16 and fuse 50 are both used for the acc cigarette plugs, etc., but when I fitted the tap to either location, the camera remained powered on even with the ignition fully off (yes, strange result but that's what happened, and I am pretty good with a multimeter and low voltage wiring).

Any suggestions for another fuse location, or for an explanation of what I observed, will be much appreciated. Also, all correct answers, and all crazy guesses and wild speculations, are equally appreciated and respected.
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I had the same issue when using the #16 and #50 for a switched fuse. My Touring model had #14 just labeled as "option" but I think it also worked with #4 ACC (Automatic Climate Control)
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