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2021 accord 1.5t Sport SE, Engine Tick noise

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Hello everybody

I have a 2021 1.5t accord sport special edition. (Edit: 22k miles).

I took my car into the dealership for an engine ticking noise, the dealer said that its the fuel injector. I'm going to take it to another dealer for a second opinion.

Also can anyone please check their engine and compare these pictures posted to yours, I
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am certain that the mechanics forgot to put bolts back into place. ( ^ left side of engine ^ )

There are 4 pictures total, first pic is an outside view of the engine, the 2nd pic is a close up picture of the area circled in red.

Please compare these pictures to your 1.5 2021 accord and lmk if there should be Bolts in place on these 2 places of the engine.
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does the ticking noise come and go and sometimes louder at times? Does it happen all the time or mostly when accelerating?
Yes mine has been doing that for awhile I have a 2019 2.0t
Yes but they couldn't replicate it and sent me home
Yeah I'm out of the warranty window already. I guess I should go see how much it would cost to replace fuel injectors on a 2019 Honda accord
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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