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2021 Honda Accord EX-L Infotainment screen black

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Hi all! My name is Richie and I’m new to the forum and can’t find an answer to a question I need answered, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I had my 2021 accord ex-l (about 16k miles) sitting for about six weeks without it being started (battery was still connected the whole time) in the cold and when I recovered enough from surgery I started the vehicle with remote start for the first time. When I entered the car everything was working fine minus the infotainment screen. It was black and stays that way no matter what I try. I held the power button for 3-5 seconds and unplugged the battery without any success. When I plug in my iPhone via charging cable, I can hear music but I can’t control the volume via the dials or buttons on the screen. I can’t seem to find a fuse that states radio or monitor or anything. I’m pretty sure it’s a fuse but I’m not sure where the fuse is located. Can someone point me in the right direction before I bring it to the dealership.
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try disconnecting your battery for about an hour. if that doesnt work lemme know
I had unplugged the battery for a few mins with no success. Does doing it for an hour make a difference?
It will indeed make a difference. vehicles can hold power in them up to 30 min after the battery is disconnected. if you want a fast way to do it, disconnect both positive and negative terminals and touch them together for 30 seconds. this will take all the power out of the vehicle immediately. once you've completed that task, then reconnect the battery, go inside the car and hold the infotainment power button for 10 seconds again. let me know if you get any flashes during or after this sequence!
I just reconnected the battery after an hour, pressed the power button for 10 seconds and nothing happened. No flash!
man that sucks! ok so next step would be to confirm what software version you have in your infotainment system. honda put out an update a while back to fix the black screen issue. unfortunately if you cant get your screen on you wont have much luck being able to check or update it yourself.

our goal here is to try and get it back to life to check for updates to fix the issue.

since there was no flashing ill need you to check all fuses in both the engine bay fuse box and the one in the driver kick panel. sounds like its a power issue, you may have arced the battery wires when reinstalling them after surgery and popped some stuff.

do you have premium sound system?
Yes premium sound system. I already checked the engine bay fuses and everything is fine on that end. I’m unable to bend down and forward (open heart surgery) to check the fuses at the driver kick panel. I’ll definitely check the fuses in a few weeks or have someone check for me. Thanks for the help and I’ll update you when I have checked the fuses.
sounds good brother, keep me posted. if you where closer to tulsa OK id have you swing by the shop. best of luck!
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