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2021 Touring Button Panel/ Replacement Part?

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A small piece chipped on the "R" on the panel. I've looked and cant seem to find any replacement parts. Is this something that one piece can be swapped out. Or would the whole panel need changing out, since its linked up underneath with everything?
I realize its a small ding, but just wanted to see if there might be a fix

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More than likely, you will have to get the entire switch assembly... doubt you will be able to replace just the part that is chipped. This is the part that fits 2018-2020 Honda Accord - Switch Assembly Select (Rewritable) - Honda (54000-TVC-L92)
Thanks so much for the intel

I have the 2021 Touring... is that still apples to apples
I would think so as it looks the same. I haven't looked inside a '21 Touring so can't confirm (but your picture looks like what I have). With the information I provided you can check with your local dealership to confirm and get a part number. If you are doing the remove/replace yourself then check online with some of the OEM discounted part sources (dealers) for better pricing.
I've installed protective covers on mine, as the "P" had signs of wiping off and I want to keep them looking well.

View attachment 8769

Not great, not terrible...
Where did you get the covers from?
AliExpress, China. But for some reason, all the listings for this item are gone now.

Here's a screenshot of my order, if it helps:

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You might look for some on ebay too.

Edit: Here you are
Thanks. (y)
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