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2022 Accord Un Pairs all devices on its own

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Anyone have an issue where when you start the car, your phone is no longer paired in the head unit? I have had no problems for the first two months with this car then all of a sudden when I start the car, my devices is no longer in the list of paired devices (heck, the whole list is completely EMPTY). My phone is still paired to it though in my bluetooth settings (in the phone) and tries to connect to no avail. I have to forget the head unit on my phone, then re-pair the device all over again, EVER, SINGLE, START. This is twice a day I have to do this now.

Accord Sport 2.0
Phone: Pixel 7 Pro, no modifications or anything of that sort. Latest android auto and updates, etc.
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Bump, anyone? Seriously?
I've had that happen 2 or 3 times
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Running a Pixel 6 Pro myself. I wonder if there's a commonality here
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