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i've had hondas since my first honda 50 cub bike in 1961 (the most popular 2-wheeled motorcycle in the world). i've had other honda bikes, and 3 of my most recent cars have been hondas: 1991 legend coupe, 2001 prelude, and 2018 accord touring 2.0.

i'm a physician, and for years was a motojournalist, most recently for Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN). Whitehorse Press has published a couple of complilations of my columns: _Blood, Sweat and Gears_ and _Blood, Sweat and 2nd Gear_. i've been doing online conferencing since 1981, first using The Source when i lived in Boston, and later joining the WeLL when it was first getting started. i hosted the motorcycling, sailing, flying, jokes, men on the well, and some other conferences.

i used to run the Emergency Residency at San Francisco General Hospital, after doing my emergency residency in Detroit at Ford Hospital. Worked for Uncle for a couple of years in Bavaria as a battalion surgeon in a nuclear missile unit (1/81 FA, Pershings). i now have a private practice in Greenbrae CA, about 10' north of the GG bridge.

i'm delighted with my Accord, except for the sound system quality. my Legend had better sound! i'm thinking about upgrading the speakers, tho' i want to research it more. i'll check around this forum.

i look forward to exploring this corner of cyberspace!
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