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A/C Question, Regarding Vent setting

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Just noticed today, if you look at the picture that's circled in yellow. That setting that blows in front of you and at your feet, what I've noticed is that the center two vents don't blow air properly, its super weak, but on the driver and passenger side it blows as it should. My question is does anyone know what this could be possibly? The a/c unit blows the correct cool air, so I've had no issues there, its just this particular a/c setting the vents in the center don't blow nowhere near what it should on full blast. If i just change the setting to only vents or only feet it works great.

The moment I change it to that setting circled in yellow, the FEET work just fine and the driver and passenger vent works great also, but the two middle vents barely blow any air. The air it blows is still cold like it should be, just really really weak. Any thoughts?



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I took a look at the picture and see your vent selection. I rarely use that in the summer. I simply keep it on "Auto" vs "AC on," and no issues.
Another thought would be whether or not you have your back seat vents open. I think that also impacts flow from dash went on.
Tomorrow, I'll change the settings to yours and let you know of I notice anything.
If you go by that picture (it's showing arrows directed to person's face & feet) what you are feeling may be the intended operation of that button maximizing air to face/feet. :unsure:

I've never used that button always leave mine in the Auto position.
As @JeffJo's manual page illustration shows, it's the windshield defrost button. It's not intended to be used during the summer, but during the winter when the windshield has frost or ice on it. When depressed it sends warm air to the windshield, but not the floor.

The button to the left is different (sort of). It will select a mode that sends air to both the windshield and floor. I'm not sure how useful it is in the summer, but during the winter it's probably useful to warm your feet while defrosting the windshield.
As a follow up to my note of a week ago, if you put it on Auto, you should be good to go. Please keep us posted.
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