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Which powertrain are you getting?

A Hybrid with Type-R Character...

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Doing some research on the 2018 Accord Hybrid, it turns out that this time around we will be getting 'Normal' and 'Sport' driving settings which combined with its wider stance and longer wheelbase could mean that this will be an even more exciting hybrid to drive around than its closest competitor, the Camry Hybrid. Aside from the Accord Hybrid, the next best step up it seems if you want some truly sporty characteristics, it will be the more expensive Q50 Hybrid.

With how good this years hybrid spec is, who's planning to get it?
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Their new 2.0L engine is one of the reasons why I want to buy Accord, so for me, that's an easy choice :D I was so happy to see that the new 2.0-liter turbo with the 10-speed automatic is actually quicker to 60 mph than the previous V-6 model with the six-speed automatic, getting there in 5.5 seconds!!
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