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Accord 2.0T Sport vs. 2020 Mustang GT Auto

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curious... I was checking out some Mustang GT 10 speed Auto 2018+ vids doing 0 - 60... most of the drivers get 4.6 to 5.5s ... Do you think an Accord 2.0T can take one on? Stock Mustang that is... It's pretty close if the Mustang is not getting below 5 which can easily happen. Even saw some 6.2 (bad launch) LOL!
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I think your last comment about a bad launch would be the only thing that would allow an Accord 2.0T (assuming also the 10 speed automatic, the manuals are slower to 60 ) to beat a Mustang GT.

Car and Driver got 5.3 seconds 0-60 in their long term EX-L 2.0, and that's about the quickest I've seen from an auto mag for the Accord. Otherwise, i've seen other 2.0T auto Accords getting to 60 in about 5.5-5.7. That would be the worst case 0-60 time for the Mustang.
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0-60 isn't a good comparison. look at the standing 1/4 mile times. the mustang gt runs low low 12's, the accord runs high 13's on a good day.Plus I think there is a good 12mph difference in terminal speed.
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