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I have a 2018 Accord Touring with the audio not being transmitted for certain functions for around 3 years. The factory navigation does not put out any audio for guidance. When in carplay google maps nor Waze put out any audio for guidance either. CarPlay acts like it's reading text messages but also does not put out any audio. I did upgrade the car speakers and unplugged the ANC module because I added a amp and upgraded subwoofer.

I believe the following information can alleviate what might be some causes. I have had this issue through multiple Honda software updates with no change in the system behavior. I know my center speakers works because it plays all the other car dings and dongs. I have no issues with phone calls through Carplay and the display acts like everything is working correctly. I did have a short week sometime last year where everything was working correctly to my surprise but then stopped working again after that week. This occurrence happened long after I upgraded the speakers/subwoofer and the dealership will obviously not touch the car anymore.

Does anyone know if the main head unit is the cause of this? I assume the display just communicates with head unit and would not be part of the cause.
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