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I am planning a short shifter mod for my 2018 Accord 2.0T.

I currently have the Acuity 10th Gen Accord Stage 2 Shift Kit sitting in my cart. The kit includes:

Shift Base Bushings
Shifter Rocker Upgrade
Short Throw Adapter
Centering Spring
Cable Bushing Upgrade

I noticed that Sirimoto also has a Short Throw Shifter that they sell. Specifically, regarding the Short Throw Shifter - Acuity's website says it provides approximately 25% reduction in throw. The Sirimoto website says its Short Throw shifter reduces shift throw by 30%.

My questions:

Are there any other brands I should be looking at? Acuity seems to be the best all-around kit, thoughts?

Would it be worth it to get the Acuity kit, but throw in the Sirimoto Short Throw Shifter? (My preference is to go with the same manufacturer as they are designed to work together)

Final question, am I missing anything? Does anyone have any recommendations? I will be installing this myself and feel pretty comfortable about it.

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They're the same style in design. If you're going to do everything just get the Acuity kit. between all those upgrades the 5% won't be noticeable because everything else will be so tight.
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