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Hey guys and gals,

I just picked up my new 2018 1.5T CVT in Still Night Pearl earlier today and I couldn't be happier! Sorry in advance for what seems like an essay, but I am very happy and excited to be the owner of a new 2018 Accord Sport 1.5T CVT.

Over the past year or so I been having a tough time deciding what vehicle to get next as my wife and I now have a baby and our lives have changed dramatically. First off, I love cars and I love Hondas particularly. My first car was a '96 Integra RS which I bought second hand and kept for years until fate made it simply impossible to keep driving. I then purchased an 08 Civic Si Sedan off-lease and I babied it for the past 6 years until I saw her drive away wth a new owner earlier this week. Today I picked up my very first NEW car... a 2018 Accord Sport 1.5 CVT in Still Night Pearl and I am over the fucking (still night) moon!

Before purchasing this vehicle I considered many others including the Subaru WRX, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86, Acura TLX, 2018 Civic Si Sedan HFP and the 2018 Accord Sport 2.0T (both manual and 10 speed) as well as the Accord Sport 1.5T with a manual tranny.

When it came to actually test driving, I narrowed it down to several trims of the 2018 Accords and the 2018 Civic Si HFP. I decided to stick with Honda not only because of brand loyalty but because of the value in FWD cars for the purpose of which I needed it.

Honestly I never thought that I would be an Accord owner as I always thought them to be "old man cars or family cars" but I had been reading a ton of postive reviews about the 2018 Accord model year and how things have changed significantly. I started off with a test drive of a 1.5T Sport 6MT and I thought I was sold.... It was an amazingly fun car to drive and handled very well despite what appeared to be a long wheelbase and mid-size frame. I was equally impressed by the ride-quality and the amount of features that were included at the sales price. Plus after driving an FA5 Civic Si for the past 6 years the clutch felt like butter and the low-end torque was impressive.

That said my younger self fought back at the idea of being an Accord owner and I became attracted to the 2018 Civic Si Sedan HFP. It truly is a beautiful looking car and it handles extremely well, but at the end of the day it wasn't the right car for my young family. We found it to be simply too small for the years ahead and although it was mechanically and aesthetically way better than my FA5, it just didn't really feel like it was "next level ****" to me. It felt the same, but better looking and faster.

I decided to go back to the Accord this time to the 1.5T Sport but with the CVT in Still Night Pearl (the car I ended up purchasing). I took it for a test drive and my wife could actually drive it too since it was automatic and we both felt like this could be the one... The ride quality, peppy engine, impressive technology and value for price was all there.

I ended up going to another dealer and test driving the Sport 2.0T in 10spd as well and althought it was much faster that the 1.5T, I simply couldn't justify the additional cost at this time. The one dealer was willing to give me a terrific deal on the 1.5T Sport CVT, but 2.0T Sports are becoming hard to get because of year end and they weren't willing to budge much on the price.

We decided to lease the 1.5T Sport CVT for 4 years and see how things go... I'm still a little unsure on the CVT as I know that the car community seems to think they are the devil, but I haven't seen any major issues with the CVT in the 2018 Accord Sport 1.5T as of yet and it appears to work well for me. Now if only I can figure out this whole Sport paddle shifting thing.... Anyhow, I'm happy to be a part of the community and wanted to introduce myself and share my story.

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