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Was able to get my new wheels mounted and finished painting my brake calipers. I also installed the side under spoiler and really like the look it adds. More upgrades coming soon!!


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That looks awesome man, loving the blacked out look. Did you paint the calipers yourself? Why kind of paint did you use. You should considering getting all the chrome trim wrapped. Think it would look pretty sleek carbon fiber.
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Thank you. Yes I did paint my own brake calipers and was pretty easy. There are a lot of videos on youtube about painting brake calipers. I do plan on getting a chrome delete for my trim and will be getting a car vinyl wrap next week.
Looking good. Solid choice on the lime green calipers, really suits the black car. Looking forward to seeing the chrome delete. What wrap are you going with?
Wheels look great but was your ride quality impacted by it, even slightly?
If you don't mind, sharing your wheel size specs will help. I know a lot of people will like this setup.
Never seen this combo before, it actually pops! Very nice!!
Thanks for the comments. So the wrap I chose is an Avery Dennison Dark Gloss Grey with Black accents. I was able to find a local shop with good reviews and a decent price on car wraps. They also offer a one year warranty if anything happens to the wrap they will replace. The wheels are actually the same size as the stock sport trim. I did not feel a difference in the ride comfort at all. I didn't want to go any bigger because of the ride comfort. I was able to use the stock tires on these wheels also. But my wheels specifically are 19" x 8.5", +38 Offset, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 74.1mm Hub. These wheels were verified to fit the 2018 Accord prior to buying. Yea the most popular color for brake calipers that I've seen were red and blue but I wanted to try something different. Also green is my favorite color. I did also install an interior light set from LEDglow and I will post pictures soon.
Nice choice on the wheels w green caliper
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