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Same issue

I bought my 2018 Accord Sport 2.0 with the 10 speed the end of December and after leaving the dealership and 35 miles later mine lit up like a Christmas tree with poor acceleration and bucking like a bronco. I called the dealer, brought it by and they took it in the back. After about an hour they told me it was ready and said it just needed to be reset... hum.... not what I was expecting, but ok. As soon as I pulled out of the lot, same thing happened. I hung a U'ey and told the service manager it was still doing the same thing. They had it for about 8 days and finally found the problem, the turbo hose blew off. Evidentially they don't tighten them down enough from the factory. I have had it little over 3 months now with no issues EXCEPT the apple car play quit working...... anyone have a fix other than a factory reset of the stereo?
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