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Wow, this poor vehicle seems to be a magnet for problems huh. I can certainly understand where your heads at now, as it seems like every problem you've encountered is followed up by something else immediately. Its great to see that the dealership seems just as unpleased with the situation as you are, and are putting forth their best efforts to have everything resolved. I think there are a few questions to ask if you haven't already. Like does this mean that your brand new vehicle no longer has a clean title? Not sure what the process is at a dealership for reporting accidents. And although it is just a car, its a big investment and one you'd like to see a return on. I'd honestly give the dealer the opportunity to get everything replaced/repaired. Did you have a look under the door to see if there was any damage to the body of the car?
Make sure this repair does NOT get posted on CarFax or you will pay again at trade-in time.
Due to it being at a dealership it will show everything that has been done to it.
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